The Acro LIVE Teachers Conference

The Industries’ ONLY Acro Dance Conference Where You Get Fresh New Ideas and Reimagine Your Approach, To Crush Teacher Burnout and Get Reinspired For Class.

Join us for the event of the year for acro teachers from around the world, at the acro live TeAchers conference this summer

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Welcome to the acro live teacher's conference where the world of acro dance comes alive with fresh ideas and renewed inspiration

Join us for the industry's premiere event, where you'll reimagine your teaching approach, connect with fellow teachers, and propel your career forward.

say goodbye to teacher burnout as you discover innovative techniques, strengthen your program, and network with passionate educators from around the globe.

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Limited Spots available, first come first served

The Right Experience Based On Your Acro Teaching Level

The AcroLIVE Teacher’s Conference will be an experience specifically tailored to your needs. Our sessions cater to different levels of Acro Dance teaching experience, ensuring you get the most out of your time with us.

The Foundational Experience (0-5 years of experience):

Perfect for those in the early stages of their Acro Dance teaching journey. Build a strong foundation with insights tailored to teachers with 0-5 years of teaching experience.

The Intermediate Experience (6-10 years of experience):

Take your skills to the next level with the Intermediate Experience designed for those with 6-10 years of Acro Dance teaching experience. Dive deeper into intermediate techniques and methodologies.

The Expert Experience (11-25+ years of experience):

For seasoned professionals with 11-25+ years of Acro Dance teaching experience, our Expert Experience offers an opportunity to explore advanced concepts and share insights with fellow experts.

Be sure to select the correct experience level for you on the check-out page.

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Limited Spots available, first come first served

9:00am-4:00pm MDT each day
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Discover the Exciting experience we have in store for you at the AcroLIVE Teachers Conference!

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Acro Teaching and Spotting Techniques:

Master the art of teaching and spotting acrobatic tricks with precision and confidence. Our expert instructors will guide you through tailored methods suited to your experience level, ensuring you develop effective techniques that prioritize student safety while fostering skill advancement.

Acro Dance Set Work:

Unlock the secrets to delivering comprehensive set technique warm-ups that that get real results with your students. Dive into proven methods designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, and drill proficiency in every Acro class. Learn how to structure warm-up routines that maximize student potential and set the stage for successful skill development.

Across-the-Floor Acro Dance Combinations:

Dive into dynamic across-the-floor Acro Dance combinations. Explore innovative sequences that seamlessly blend tricks with movement, preparing your students for Acro choreography. Gain valuable insights into creating engaging combinations that challenge and inspire.

Acro Dance Choreography:

Unleash your creativity and learn the principles of effective Acro Dance choreography. Discover how to create pieces that are not only clever and captivating but also executed with proper technique an look easy. From conceptualization to execution, gain the tools and techniques needed to choreograph routines that showcase your students' talents.

Trending Tricks:

Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed on the latest and most exciting acrobatic tricks trending right now. Explore new techniques, variations, and progressions that are shaping the future of Acro Dance. Gain valuable insights into incorporating these trends into your classes to keep your students engaged and inspired.

Injury Prevention:

Safety is the top priority in the Acro Dance classroom. Learn essential strategies and best practices for preventing injuries and creating a secure learning environment for your students. Gain insights into proper warm-up protocols, spotting techniques, and classroom management strategies that prioritize student well-being.

Teachers’ Acro Choreography Class:

Elevate your choreography skills and have fun in the exclusive class tailored specifically for teachers. Explore advanced choreographic concepts, refine your artistic vision, and dance with fellow instructors in a supportive environment. Unleash your creativity and fun Acro DANCING.

Preschool Acro Done Right:

Discover the joy of introducing preschoolers to the world of Acro Dance in a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate way. Gain valuable insights into tailoring Acro classes for young learners, fostering a love for movement from an early age. Explore creative teaching strategies and age-appropriate activities that engage and inspire preschool students.

“Hot Topics” Discussion Sessions:

Engage in stimulating discussions on current and pertinent topics within the Acro Dance teaching community. Explore emerging trends, share best practices, and exchange ideas with fellow instructors and industry experts. Dive into thought-provoking conversations that empower you to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Acro Dance education.

Limited Spots available, first come first served

9:00am-4:00pm MDT each day
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Acro Dance Teacher Miss Allison

What to expect at the acro live conference

When you attend The AcroLIVE Teachers Conference, you’ll get the key to unlocking your full potential as an Acro Dance teacher. This conference is the most transformative event in the world for Acro Dance teachers, and it's your opportunity to take your teaching skills to the next level.

  • Master your Acro techniques and progressions

  • Learn how to effectively spot and ensure student safety

  • Discover innovative teaching methods to engage and inspire your students

  • Practice on live student demonstrators and get the in-person practice you need

  • Network with industry experts and fellow Acro teachers from around the world

It all comes as part of The AcroLIVE Teachers Conference. This 3-day, in-person conference is designed exclusively for Acro Dance teachers like you. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your teaching skills and be a part of the most transformational event in the world for Acro Dance teachers.

This conference is valued at over $900 CAD, and is yours for only $499 CAD!

Limited Spots available, first come first served

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July 16th-18th, 2024 - 9:00am-4:00pm MDT each day
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Join the Most Transformational Event in the World for Acro Dance Teachers:
The AcroLIVE Teachers Conference

Secure your spot today at AcroLIVE, the premier event for Acro Dance teachers. Elevate your teaching career, learn from industry experts, and connect with peers who share your passion. Your journey to becoming an exceptional Acro teacher starts here!

We're confident that attending The AcroLIVE Teachers Conference will be a game-changer for you. If, after experiencing the conference, you don't feel that it has provided immense value and exceeded your expectations, simply let us know within 7 days of the event and we'll gladly refund your entire purchase price.

We believe in the power of this conference to transform your teaching career, and we want you to feel completely confident in your decision to attend. That's why we offer this 100% money-back guarantee. Join us at The AcroLIVE Teacher's Conference risk-free and unlock endless opportunities for growth and success in Acro Dance teaching.

Sign up before it's too late!!

Limited Spots available, first come first served

9:00am-4:00pm MDT each day
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Don't miss out on the ultimate teachers conference!

Select your experience level when you register and embark on a personalized journey to enhance your Acro teaching skills like never before!
Choose Your Own Adventure: Will you choose the Foundational Experience, the Intermediate Experience, or the Expert Experience?

Step #1: Select Your Level Of Acro Teacher


What are the dates and times of the conference?

The AcroLIVE Teacher’s Conference is held over 3 days: July 16th, 17th, 18th, 2024 from 9-4pm daily

Who can attend the conference?

The AcroLIVE Teachers Conference is open to Acro Dance teachers and Studio Owners of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. If you're passionate about Acro Dance and eager to enhance your teaching skills, this event is for you!

How do I choose the right experience level for me?

During the registration process, you'll have the opportunity to select your experience level: Foundational (0-5 years), Intermediate (6-10 years), or Expert (11-25+ years). Choose the level that best aligns with your teaching experience and goals.

Can I switch between experience levels during the conference?

While we encourage attendees to select the experience level that best suits them, we understand that your needs may evolve during the event. If you find that another experience level better aligns with your goals, please speak with our event staff, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Is this conference suitable for Studio Owners?

Absolutely! AcroLIVE welcomes studio owners who are passionate about enhancing their Acro Dance programs and fostering a supportive community of teachers. You'll gain valuable insights into strengthening your studio's Acro program and connecting with like-minded professionals.

Is there a deadline to register for the conference?

While there's no set deadline to register, we encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible. Space is limited, and early registration ensures you won't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your Acro teaching skills.

Which airport do I fly in to?

You will fly into the Calgary YYC airport. The airport is a 15-minute drive to the host hotel.

Is there a host hotel? How close is it to the conference venue?

Yes, the host hotel is at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Calgary Downtown. It is a 13-minute walk from the conference and a 3 minute drive. You will receive booking information and special rates in your digital Welcome Package once you register. Be sure to register quickly because July dates book quickly in Calgary: HERE

What kind of transportation is available in Calgary?

Transportation options in Calgary are airport car rentals, UBER, Lyft, and Calgary Transit. HERE

What is the minimum age to attend? Can student teachers attend?

Yes, student teachers may attend as long as they are accompanied by an adult teacher from the same studio (18 years or older). The minimum age to attend the conference is 14 years old.

Can I bring a student demonstrator(s) with me?

Yes, we have a certain amount of spots for student demonstrators to attend. Demonstrating students must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience. Please email us in the office for more information about bringing a student demonstrator, availability, and requirements -

When is the Calgary Stampede? Should I make this a vacation?

Yes! Calgary is an amazing city and the Calgary Stampede is happening before the conference July 5th-14th. Come a few days early and catch the last few days of the Stampede – it’s the Biggest Outdoor Show On Earth (be sure to catch the Grandstand Show!). The AcroLIVE Conference venue is on the actual Stampede grounds so if you stay at the host hotel, everything is all in the same place.

Or, stay a few days after the conference and go and visit the beautiful Canadian Rockies and make a trip to Banff! Banff is a 90 minute drive from the hotel and a must see.

Will there be opportunities to network with other attendees?

Absolutely! The AcroLIVE Teachers Conference provides ample opportunities to network with fellow Acro Dance teachers, studio owners, and industry experts. Connect during sessions, workshops, and social events to build lasting relationships and share insights.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available until June 14th minus a CA$25 administration fee. Refunds requested from June 15th onward are subject to a 50% administration fee. No refunds will be given once the conference commences.

Is AcroLIVE a Certification Course?

No, AcroLIVE is a teachers conference for all ages and abilities of teaching. All of our ADTA certifications are 1-year online courses. Click here for more information about ADTA Teachers Certification courses:

Do I have to be certified to attend AcroLIVE?

No, you do not need to have Acro certifications to attend the AcroLIVE Teachers Conference. If you would like more information about obtaining Acro certification, check out our certifications page HERE:

How can I stay updated on conference news and announcements?

How can I stay updated on conference news and announcements? To stay informed about the latest conference news, announcements, and updates, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. We will also be in contact via email as we get closer to the event and will keep you updated.